Summer Light



Reveal the Beauty


Leaves may fall, making trees bare and vulnerable, but vulnerability reveals the beauty that once was concealed. When life creates an opportunity for us to open up, our hearts find connections that make our souls stronger than the day before.

A Stone’s Throw Away


A great distance grows between the past and the present, but the unforgettable past, at times, appears only a stone’s throw away……

I close my eyes and listen to the echoing splashes, babbles and burbles of the calming creek. The sound of the flowing water reminds me to embrace a fluid life and keep moving forward, just as the creek does with each new day.

Visualize the Warmth


On a bone chilling, wintry day, on the east coast, it is difficult to find the warmth we seek to keep ourselves sane. If we look deep enough and visualize the warmth, we can see that it is there. It is simply present in a different form.

Finding My Rhythm


I set out on my journey in search of a spark of creativity. A spark that would awaken my mind and guide my hand passionately across the paper. There was a new page in my sketchbook just waiting for me to bring it to life.

After an hour of intense focus and unfortunate tunnel vision, I thought it was best to stop to catch my breath. I closed my eyes, turned my head to the sky and simply listened to the calming sounds of the woods. After enjoying my moment of peace, I slowly opened my eyes. Little did I know I was opening my eyes to a captivating view that I will always remember.

The treetops were playfully dancing with the wind to a rhythm only they understood. The graceful movements created a sense of harmony that made it feel as though time were standing still. At that moment, I knew an opportunity would soon present itself on my way back toward the old mill where my journey first began.

Energy & Strength Uncovered


There is always something new to discover out on the trail. I never know what life is about to uncover, but I know that something will speak to me eventually.

As I take my first step through nature’s doorway, I hear the peaceful babbling creek to my right. I see it curve gently through the woods at a steady pace over the timeworn rocks. The fresh air enters my lungs and my soul soaks in all that nature has to offer. It is at this moment that I know that something beautiful will reveal itself within time.

I walk for about twenty minutes or so and sit down on a fallen tree a few feet from the flickering creek. I close my eyes to take in the sounds of the squirrels jumping through the leaves and climbing the trees. Little did I know, I was sitting in the middle of a trail of red ants that had now found their way to the tops of my pant legs.

I jump up swiftly, turn to my left and brush off the little critters. As the last ant sails to the ground, I look up and see the beauty that life uncovered for me that day. A tree full of energy and strength with it’s many roots curving in and out of each other at the base of the trunk along the side of the creekbed. I smiled and said to myself, “What a great day to ‘get lost’.”

Seneca Creek


The day started out cloudy with a bit of rain yesterday. As the late afternoon approached, the clouds parted and the sun came out to play. I knew I needed to grab hold of the rest of the beautiful day and venture out onto the trails. In the early evening, I set out on the Seneca Ridge Trail at Black Rock Mill to get lost for a while. I found a peaceful spot along Seneca Creek where all I could hear were sounds of the water flowing, the birds singing and the tops of the trees swaying in the light breeze.