Energy & Strength Uncovered


There is always something new to discover out on the trail. I never know what life is about to uncover, but I know that something will speak to me eventually.

As I take my first step through nature’s doorway, I hear the peaceful babbling creek to my right. I see it curve gently through the woods at a steady pace over the timeworn rocks. The fresh air enters my lungs and my soul soaks in all that nature has to offer. It is at this moment that I know that something beautiful will reveal itself within time.

I walk for about twenty minutes or so and sit down on a fallen tree a few feet from the flickering creek. I close my eyes to take in the sounds of the squirrels jumping through the leaves and climbing the trees. Little did I know, I was sitting in the middle of a trail of red ants that had now found their way to the tops of my pant legs.

I jump up swiftly, turn to my left and brush off the little critters. As the last ant sails to the ground, I look up and see the beauty that life uncovered for me that day. A tree full of energy and strength with it’s many roots curving in and out of each other at the base of the trunk along the side of the creekbed. I smiled and said to myself, “What a great day to ‘get lost’.”


2 thoughts on “Energy & Strength Uncovered

  1. I love this. Striking! Those roots! The tree almost looks like it is about to climb in for a swim! I love how nature bends and challenges our mind!

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    1. The roots are one of my favorite aspects of a tree. It’s like a puzzle I have to decipher as I attempt to draw them and figure out how they all connect to the tree and each other.


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