Finding My Rhythm


I set out on my journey in search of a spark of creativity. A spark that would awaken my mind and guide my hand passionately across the paper. There was a new page in my sketchbook just waiting for me to bring it to life.

After an hour of intense focus and unfortunate tunnel vision, I thought it was best to stop to catch my breath. I closed my eyes, turned my head to the sky and simply listened to the calming sounds of the woods. After enjoying my moment of peace, I slowly opened my eyes. Little did I know I was opening my eyes to a captivating view that I will always remember.

The treetops were playfully dancing with the wind to a rhythm only they understood. The graceful movements created a sense of harmony that made it feel as though time were standing still. At that moment, I knew an opportunity would soon present itself on my way back toward the old mill where my journey first began.


5 thoughts on “Finding My Rhythm

  1. I love this! The bridge and the “slats/posts” definitely have a “rhythm.” There is something extra confident about this work. There is slight simplification and boldness to it. GREAT JOB!

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  2. I long to know that playful rhythm that only your treetops understand. Your beautiful sketch incites my curiosity, leads me through serpentine wonder, delights me with the pulse of serenity & gratitude…

    Love to you 💗

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    1. Thank you, Kristi, for your touching comments! I’m so very happy my sketch created a curiosity within you. You would love the peaceful trails out here. Love you!


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